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It is  Hana who creates the book  covers and peronalizes them with engravings  or completes it with authentic accents. Each cover is unique and one of a kind.
She is the one that  responds your e-mails and helps you to create your unique personalized book.  
She studied at Fine Art school in Brno and Lisbon.

Rúben enjoys creating perfectly crafted, functional pieces like boxes or serving trays out of local wood or fragments of old wood. He restored many of the Portuguese altars and sculptures - saving antique wood from decay is his passion and profession. 
He studied wood restoration in Lisbon . 
Lacuna work is collaborating with residents of local organization that helps homeless and socially fragile people - Comunidade Vida e Paz in Sapataria. Some of our wooden covers are now being sanded with care and dedication by these men with troubled life history. 
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