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Since 2008 LACUNA work  create custom made hand engraved books.  We search for old furniture fragments not only for  its unique beauty but  also for its great quality and stability . This way it can  guarantee safe and permanent place for the most special recordations. 

We started by creating custom made wedding guest books and albums but now the variety of occasions and products is much wider.

We create baby albums / baptism guest books, travel journals, anniversary and travel albums, all type of guest books, restaurant menus and lately also variety of recipe books.

We  can personalize almost any book from our shop including pen holders and ring boxes but if you wish to have an exclusive book tailored to your needs , we will be happy to create it. 


You can fill this short questionnaire to let us know the basic features of your order. 






As you can imagine, creating all personalized book takes its time and dedication.  

We usually have waiting a list for custom orders  so check with us for the estimated timeframe  for your order.  Ideally, you should order at least 4 weeks in advance but exceptionally urgent orders are accepted.

As a rule, the books filled with recycled paper take much less time to be completed then photo albums. 

The shipping  outside of EU takes approximately 2 weeks, but it may be only 3 days if you opt for express shipping. Within EU the delivery time is up to one week. 








The wood that was used for furniture 50 -100 years ago is of a great quality and was often imported from Portuguese collonies.

We are not sure of all the types but there is eucaliptos, chestnut, sapeli or mahagony. If we are lucky we find pieces with original old funiture engraving. Book covers are waxed by natural beeswax with carnauba vegetal wax. For vegans we offer treatment without the beeswax. 


We use variety of authentic applications like keyholes, lock interiors, frames or pulls .  


The books are hand stitched by exceptionally strong shoemaker line made from man-made material. 


The concept of our work is to give second  life chance to materials and so the most natural choice is recycled paper for our books.  

We offer two types of Portuguese recycled , pH neutral , paper great for writing and  sketching . It may also be lined.

For the albums heavy paper is recommended. We use quality heavy paper in three tones: black , creme and beige.  You can also easily write on these sheets. 


The photo albums can contain translucent interleaves. 



If you would like book with personalized engraving, the simplest, way is to order personalization of one of the items ready in our Etsy shop.   If you prefer book made from scratch it may take longer, cost more but the result will reflect all your preferences.

The cost of personalized book depends on several features listed bellow , first in line  are less expensive then the later ones 


  • type:  diary - guest book - recipe book - album 

  • size: smaller- big - extra large

  • type an quality of paper sheets:  - recycled - heavy - translucent interleaves 

  • complexity : no engraving- initials - names and date - images and lettering 

  • embellishments: antique keyholes, metal applications, photo frames

  • closure : ribbons , leather or elastics ...

  • urgency

To give you very broad estimative of the price range pr personalized items: 

guest books and recipe books  - 70 - 110 eur 

albums in variable sizes   - 90 - 400 eur

We ship worldwide. The shipping cost depends on the final weight of each parcel.




Beauty in raw state
Old furniture fragments
Cream heavy paper with interleaves
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